MWHC Mission Statement

The mission of Midwest Health Care, Inc is to provide quality consulting and management services to the medical community, which enables essential functions of medical practices and improves access to primary care services in underserved areas. In an ethical and professional manner, Midwest Health Care, Inc is dedicated to help our clients achieve greater success.

Who We Are

Midwest Health Care Inc. is a medical credentialing firm in Cape Girardeau, Mo. We offer superior industry knowledge because we are passionate about what we do. We form strong partnerships with our clients, acting as an extension of their office with the same business objectives. We provide a safety net for our clients, easing their concerns with business and administrative operations and allowing them to focus their full attention on the health and wellness of their patients.

We provide a variety of services for health care facilities around America.

  • Credentialing
  • Enrollment
  • Medical Billing
  • Rural Health Clinic Certifications
  • Change of Ownership
  • Practice Management

We offer a valuable, timely and professional program to credential you or your organization with most regional third-party payers, Medicare and Medicaid. Our staff offers a weekly follow up program to fully commit to your needs.

“I have worked with Midwest Health Care for nearly four years, and I have been impressed with the way they handle the credentialing process. They have an innate understanding of what a practice needs to financially prosper. They’re prompt and efficient. I recommend them to anyone who needs credentialing support.”

– Julia T.
Clinic administrator, hospital based, Arkansas

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