Streamline Credentialing and Enrollment

Credentialing and enrollment is a complicated process. Going through the system on your own can seem like learning a new language without a dictionary. It’s costly and cumbersome, distracting providers from what matters: their patients.

At Midwest Health Care, we live in this world every day. We have the tools and insight to work you or your providers through the system efficiently, and we can help you maintain your status once enrolled. We know how to fill out each payors’ various forms, who to contact if there’s a problem and methods for ensuring your ongoing success. We work with most payor groups, including commercial carriers, Medicare and Medicaid.

Don’t waste time or resources with credentialing and enrollment when you can outsource the work for swift results and a high return on investment.

“Getting credentialed and enrolled has substantial hidden costs. The process is already arduous, but if you make a mistake or have a question, it halts progress and disrupts cash flow. Midwest Healthcare’s team takes steps to ensure accuracy, and they’ve developed strong relationships with payor groups to efficiently and quickly overcome hurdles providers would encounter on their own”

– Shelby H.
Neurosurgery practice, Indiana

Stay dedicated to the right tasks

Reduce your paperwork load
All insurance carriers use different forms requiring contrasting information. We’ll take care of most of these forms for you, expediting their completion while your organization focuses on other tasks.

Navigate contracts with confidence
We’ll help you understand contractual requirements and credentialing criteria for your organization per payor source.

Focus on patients and operations
You work in a demanding and shifting industry. Let us take care of the details so that you can keep patients your top priority.

Untie the phone lines
We have direct access to payor groups’ decision makers and administrators.

Never be in the dark
As your advocate, we’ll get right to work on your behalf once notifications are received and keep you informed regarding your application progress.

Services in a snapshot

  • Manage contracts
  • Monitor enrollment
  • Validate Medicare and Medicaid enrollment
  • Register providers for National Provider Identifier and Council for Affordable Quality Health Care Inc..

During an initial consult, we’ll discuss our comprehensive list of services and which are right for your organization.

Are we right for you?

We work with a variety of organizations across the United States. From dentists and behavioral health providers to traditional medical doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, we can effortlessly take you or your organization through the credentialing and enrollment process.

  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Solo Practitioners
  • Pediatricians
  • Podiatrists
  • Hospital-Owned Practices
  • Small to Mid-Size Hospitals
  • Specialty Practices
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Clinics
  • Mental Health
  • Many More

“Midwest Healthcare’s team completely blew us away. Our office is the only one offering our services in the area, so our staff just doesn’t have the time to keep track of enrollment processes with their other duties. Knowing we have another team monitoring our records so we can focus on other functions releases our team from a heavy strain, especially if we were to experience staffing disruption.”

– Katherine W.
Dermatology clinic, Kansas

We also offer Rural Health Clinic certification, medical billing and other services. Explore all of our services on our main site.

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